MRI Hip Arthrogram Procedure update

We updated the MRI Hip Arthrogram procedure. All unilateral CORs are now COR OBL and we added a BILAT AX T1 KNEE sequence (use body coil). Please make sure patient does not move for the BILAT AX T1 KNEE series due to measurement comparisons against femoral neck angle. Thank you

MRI Shoulder: increased TE from 30 to 36-50 on PD sequences

MRI SHOULDER WO Acquisition Slice (mm) Gap (mm) Fat Sat FOV (cm) Scan range Notes AX T2 FS 3 0.5 YES 12-14 Above AC joint and extends at least 2 slices below the glenoid AX OBL PD FS 3 0.5 YES 12-14 Top of coracoid to one slice below inferior margin of Glenoid Cuts are […]

US DVT Procedure update

We have added the following: “19. Document if there is superficial vein thrombus that is > 5 cm in length or if the superior end is within 5 cm of the saphenofemoral junction.” to the US Lower Extremity Venous Duplex  

CT True Axials

New procedure for Dr. Souslian and his PAs: CT Spine: True Axials  

Procedure update

We updated the Skull Base Temporal Bone for Trauma. COR and SAG reformats are to be performed as TRUE COR and TRUE SAG (not performed to the plane of the IACS)


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