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Using ultrasound cine for questionable findings

Occasionally, ultrasound techs are unsure of certain findings or pathology on a study. In these cases, they will often put a finding followed by a question mark. If they only provide static images of the area, it is often difficult or impossible to adequately characterize the finding. If the ultrasound techs use a question mark […]

We have updated the Gadolinium Contrast Calculator for Outpatient guidance

Latest update above (12/1/2022): Screening is not needed for Outpatients if a Group II Agent is used (as long as the patient is not on dialysis). Please reference the link under “Calculators”  Gadolinium Contrast Calculator

Please separate ultrasound cine images from static images

Please have 2 separate series for cine images and static images when performing ultrasounds. Grouping them together makes interpretation of these studies very difficult. Thank you!


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